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A daily scalp nutrition that strengthens hair roots and promote hair growth. This therapeutic essence soothes and hydrates the scalp. Infused with 9 patented natural herbal ingredients, Salicylic Acid, L-menthol and D-Panthenol work together to exfoliate, Cooling and treat the scalp radiantly healthy. Contain Ginseng Roots extraction for gray hair reduction. Contain Rosemary, Tea tree oil, Lauryl Alcohol to control the population of the Demodex Mites, reduce itching, acne, sensitive that cause by Demodex Mites.


Durham University Medical Center in the United States found that the scalp of people with thinning hair has an 88% chance of suffering from mites. Medically proven that, in addition to genetic factors and strong hormone secretion, head mites are another culprit of hair loss. Even more frightening is that in a hair follicle, there is not only one mite, but two or more Demodex Mites!

Marbella Scalp Booster Essence (100ML)

  • Currently only available in store. 

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